About Me

I have been a complementary therapist for more than 6 years, with a plethora of UK and EU qualifications and specializations.

My true goal is to see people restoring their well-deserved state of health and well-being with non-invasive therapies.

All throughout my 6+ years practice I came to realize that there were times when people needed to know the basics of self-healing at home. Just the basics of self-healing in order to help themselves, their family members or friends. The COVID lock-downs forced many of us to stay at home without access to therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure or just a simple massage for relaxation. How useful would have been for many of us to know the basics of self-healing in order to manage symptoms such as fear, anxiety, stress, lack of energy, poor memory, weak immune system, migraines, muscle pain, running nose, etc.?

Suggested by my patients, I have decided to create a therapy blend for them, offering the classic approach with acupuncture sessions at the Therapy Centre and my ‘Heal at Home – Become Your Own Therapist’ programme.

Now it is time to offer it to you as well.

On it, get in touch and change your life.

We can work together and help YOU become a better YOU.


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What is your journey like?

It will start with a FREE Magnetic Bioresonance Health Assessment revealing details about macro and micro nutrients, the state of the energetic meridians, details about the bodily systems, all in a comprehensive report card. It will be followed by a FREE Chinese Astrology BAZI profiling revealing interesting aspects about your apparent and hidden personality based on the interaction between the FIVE ELEMENTS manifesting in your body: WATER, WOOD, FIRE, EARTH and METAL. You will discover some of your key behavioral traits and how are these related to your emotions and well-being. Upon request we can create one free of charge for your partner as well.

After that we will:

  • Develop therapy plans tailored to your individual needs
  • Have two monthly therapies at the Therapy Centre including a 30-minute coaching session that will allow you to learn non-invasive Japanese acupuncture protocols to ‘take home’ with you.
  • Implement Basic Nutritional Strategies
  • Change your view about our human mission and much more…

I will provide you all the tools you need including acupuncture protocol points location, a set of 300 Non-Invasive Japanese Acupuncture Pellets and a box of 200 moxas used for boosting the immune system. We will revise monthly each acupuncture protocol you learn and I will provide assistance when needed via Zoom or WhatsApp. We will incorporate in your journey few other holistic healing elements such as Qi GONG, EFT, Meditation Techniques, etc. If necessary we will integrate other therapies offered at the Therapy Centre by the other practitioners.